Clenching a pencil and pad of paper with her tiny fists was how Andrea came into this world. Because that’s what she was born to do: write. (At least that’s what she’s been told, and it’s always rude to argue.)

Andrea went to school for writing and editing. She also studied music, but we can talk about that later.

However, because she graduated before the popularity of blogs and smart phones, it made surviving in the industry quite tough. Which is why she chose to spend the next several years learning new trades, performing music, traveling, bartending, wine tasting, teaching, farming, designing, hosting parties, moving to many places, falling in love with fashion, and listening really hard to what everyone else had to say.

But at the ten year mark of her college graduation, Andrea decided that it was her turn to speak. With all the new knowledge and experience of a decade under her belt, she thought it best to give back to the world through her love of writing. And when you love something so much, you’ll do it any way you can.

So in this portfolio are many topics ranging from business to fashion to marketing to editorial rants. Because when your’e good at something you enjoy doing, you just can’t get enough!


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