There are endless articles out there about smartphone apps that keep you on schedule, motivate you to finish that report, and help you organize all your other apps. But what you rarely hear about are applications that manage your documents or keep your files in order. Upon our search for applications to take care of your trinkets, we realized that there is a reason such things are rarely discussed in articles. Because there aren’t many of them and most of the ones we could find were made by shady developers we weren’t brave enough to trust.

Over the past two weeks, we downloaded, uploaded and tested out dozens upon dozens of options. Despite the dangerous journey and all the risks along the way, we are proud to offer you the best (and only) applications you’ll ever need for managing every type of document you’ll ever have.


For Your Work Files, Projects and Collaborations

Box is one of those apps that makes everything you want to do seem like a breeze. This isn’t just a file management tool, it’s an anything management tool. You upload or create any sort of document to your device and then easily share it with coworkers, family, friends, or another device of yours. You can view more than 100 file types, so sending documents between windows and apple isn’t ever an issue. You can leave feedback in comment form on any document you share and vice versa, making the process of completing a project quite simple.

Another wonderful thing about this app is that you don’t have to be connected to the internet to utilize its features. So workdays on the beach can definitely still be an option!

Box also has upwards of 30 other apps they make. You can connect and open these apps while within the Box app itself. So no more exiting one in order to open another. If the thought of saving yourself a few extra clicks is causing your shoulders to relax, we recommend downloading Box immediately.


For Your Business Contacts

CamCard is ‘the number one business card scanning app’ out there. It may seem like a strange choice for this list but business contacts are a vital form of document for any company, employee or self-employed person. Look in the bottom of your briefcase, purse or filing cabinet folder. Examine that special pocket in your wallet or that designated corner of your work desk and you’re sure to find dozens upon dozens of business cards. We all do it. We all hoard these little pieces of information, never throwing them out because we swear that one day we’ll get one of those huge binders to house them all in…

With everyone pushing for paperless offices today, CamCard is a step in the right direction. Grab all those old business cards (including your own) and scan them directly onto your device. The app figures out where the card is in the shot and scales the image down.  Before you have a chance to do anything, it gathers all the information from the card (that it can decipher) and siphons it into its proper slot in each card’s profile. We recommend double checking everything before filing it away (no robot is perfect). And did we mention that you can turn your business card into its own QR Code? Great way to self promote!

An extra little goody CamCard offers is the ability to swap cards with someone electronically. Or, if you have their card already, you can send them your card in return. We may have become a bit addicted to this app, but it’s one that has helped us narrow down a bit of clutter and keep all of our contacts with us wherever we go.


For Your Photos, Mobile Contacts & Security

Lookout is going to be your phone’s security guard. This application does a few different things to safeguard you from intruders and also from mistakes you could make yourself.

First of all, Lookout lets you back up all of your contacts in one quick move. Your contacts are usually some of the most important files you keep on your phone which is why it’s crucial that you have another stack of them somewhere.
Lookout also lets you backup all of your photos with one click but this perk only comes with a premium upgrade.

The app makes sure your phone is updated, that it’s security is at full force and that no other apps are maliciously trying to steal your information.

If your smartphone ever gets stolen or lost, Lookout can find it in three ways. It can locate the device on a map via a separate computer, make the device yield a high-pitched scream even while set to ‘silent’ or send the device a text message to be read by whomever picked it up.


For Your Receipts & Transactions

We are all our own archivists. We keep filing cabinets, folders, shelves and drawers filled with proof of past experiences, bills paid and things bought. Which is why we need to have an app that does that does that very same thing.

Shoeboxed is a sleek mobile app that can turn any and all receipts into digital files, organizes their data and archives them accordingly. It’s a receipt library that fits in the palm of your hands. No more crumpled receipts falling out of your pockets or filling up your wallet, this app makes you look like you have it all together. If you have digital receipts, you can have them sent directly to Shoeboxed and avoid losing them in the digital clutter of your inbox.

Shoeboxed also helps with tax preparation. Both the IRS and CRA accept receipts scanned with the app which makes filing for taxes a few steps lighter. And for the accountant in the bunch, Shoeboxed has no limit to the amount of expense reports you want to create.

Google Docs

For Any Document

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Google is basically running the show in terms of almost all things technology. So it isn’t that surprising that they’re excellent at managing documents, as well.

If you already have a gmail account, Google Docs is a blessing to work with. You can hit the ‘share’ button on a document and it’ll pull a list up of all your Google contacts – no memorizing email addresses required. As you view comments on a doc, that contact’s avatar pops up which makes for a nice reminder that it’s a human leaving those notes and not just a computer.

You can even choose how you view your documents in a line up, giving you a sneak peek of the first page in case the title slipped your mind.


For Your Documents, Spreadsheets & Collaborations

As you’re signing up for Quip from your mobile device, it pulls you through your Google account and asks if you want to start sending out invitations to contacts in your list. Normally this would be a bothersome first step but Quip is giving you the chance to immediately get the ball rolling. With Quip you can create any sort of document (they’re known for their ease with spreadsheets, lists and charts), edit it and share it with others or save it for later. It’s all the things you want in a document creation and management application.

Especially if you dream of an interface that’s easy to work with, where icons are large enough to see and all the editing tools are visible. Quip makes it simple to put images into documents, make comments, and add hyperlinks. This app is what we’ve been hoping for and because it finally exists, the future for document management and creation on tiny screens is looker much, much brighter.


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